Action! Fashion! – A Men’s Fashion Editorial Photo Shoot

Action Men's Fashion Editorial Photo Shoot by Jeremy Pierson #1

I had the tremendous pleasure of planning and executing an action-based men’s fashion editorial photo shoot with several local martial arts and stunts experts. This was a relatively quick shoot, in and out in under four hours, but we created some excellent and dramatic images! You can learn more about the shoot and see plenty of great behind the scenes footage in the video below.

This photo shoot features Bryan “Tai” Self, Jimmy Holmes, and Kaiser Tinu. Behind the scenes footage captured by Kari Schoeffler. Shot on location in downtown Houston, Texas along Buffalo Bayou near the Wortham Theater. Click the image below to see the full gallery of images.

Action Men's Fashion Editorial Photo Shoot by Jeremy Pierson
Action Men’s Fashion Editorial Photo Shoot by Jeremy Pierson

When my friend Tai came to me recently asking if I’d like to shoot some promotional images for him and his stunt team, of course I said yes. Tai and I had done a promotional shoot for him individually earlier this year that was more athletic/fitness in look and feel, shot in the martial arts studio that he teaches at, Global Martial Arts. I asked Tai how he and the other on his team felt about approaching this shoot with more of a fashion editorial feel, but also with a strong action element and they loved the idea.

After spending a day scouting locations from downtown Houston all the way out to Brenham, Texas, I decided I wanted to do the shoot near Buffalo Bayou in downtown Houston, in a public park area adjacent to the Wortham Theater Center. I chose this location because of the waterfall feature as well as the many levels and staircases that would allow me to create more interesting images, both vertically and in the depth of the images.

The shoot itself was relatively quick, in and out in under four hours. I approached this shoot more as a proof of concept than a full commercial shoot, and I’m very happy to see that concept has been proven. I’m looking forward to working with the guys again in a follow-up shoot where we can REALLY push ourselves in both the stunt work as well as the photography.

Media Requests:
  • Photography: Jeremy Pierson
  • Video Director/Editor: Jeremy Pierson
  • BTS photography: Kari Schoeffler
  • Photography Subject/Talent/Models:
    • Bryan “Tai” Self
    • Jimmy Holmes
    • Kaiser Tin-U
  • Production House: DEEPFOTO
  • Agent: Schoeffler Communications

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