Bold, Fearless Fashion – A Summer Spectacular Featuring Stylist Jeanette Hill


“Be bold, be brave enough to be your true self.” Queen Latifah

As a fashion photographer, my shoots can vary wildly from day to day. I spend some days shooting for lush editorial and advertising campaigns. Some days are all about the face with beauty makeup advertisements and jewelry campaigns that are very similar to my editorial and contemporary portrait work. Other days, I get the opportunity for a fast-paced day shooting catalogue fashion. On those days with an endless array of looks and a studio full of models, I love when I get the challenge of shooting bold, fearless fashion. Bold, Fearless Summer features the creative direction and styling by Jeanette Hill of Jeanette’s Unique Boutique. She brought in her latest one-of-a-kind pieces, modeled by her three brand ambassadors, Keonna Long, Jasmine Thompson and Xiomara Martinez. You might also recognize a familiar face with the fourth model. (More info below). Working with Jeanette gave me that exciting opportunity.

“If you obey all the rules, you miss all the fun.” — Katharine Hepburn

If there is one thing that I admire most about Jeanette, is that she is a fashion rule breaker. “Don’t pair this with that.” “Don’t wear this color with that color.” “Never wear this during that time of year.” For Jeanette, rules were made to be broken and fashion was meant to be worn. That means fashions worn by women of all shapes and sizes. Jeanette has made a name for herself catering to the everyday woman, who takes pride in keeping herself together. Throughout her career, Jeanette has hosted many fashion shows, styled music videos and magazine shoots, as well as her share of celebrity styling and makeovers. Whether she is working with the latest music sensation or an independent woman in her 40’s, the level of professionalism and care is the same. Jeanette always gives her all.

Jeannette shared some insights on how her business got started. “My passion for fashion was inspired by my Grandmother, Gertrude Franks, and my Mother Margie A Hill. They would light up a room when they walked in, not just with what they wore but the whole package!” For Jeanette, their inspiration motivates her to help other women find that same confidence.

Jeanette splits her time between shopping the latest in bold, fresh fashions and accessories and personally styling her long-time customers for their upcoming events and personal adventures. Jeanette is as bold and fearless as her fashions, with an infectious positive energy and a constantly curious mind. I had the opportunity to join her and one of the models for a pre-shoot consultation. Jeanette knew the models size on sight and was able to pull together a wide array of options with head to toe accessories within less than one hour. If the model were personally shopping for a summer vacation, she would have every outfit covered from boarding the plan to hitting the beach to enjoying a fine wine at the chicest of restaurants.  

Bold, Fearless Summer – Fashion Without Limits.

In Bold, Fearless Fashion, Jeanette pulled out all the stops. The studio dressing room was glittered with earrings, necklaces, cocktail rings, statement collars, as well as hand and feet adornments. There were sky-high heels of every color. The garment rack was heavy with luxurious fabrics, flowing dresses, chic jumpsuits, playful swimsuits, party dresses, and of course a little leather and lace. For every incarnation of bold, Jeanette had a fearless look. Keonna, Jasmine and Xiomara and our guest model Kari are showcasing the latest in new school fabulous with nostalgic nods to the past. From daring cuts, to sleek silhouettes, to bright color blocking, and head to toe glitz, there was a little bit of everything in this project. Jeanette put her foot on the gas and sped us through a wild summer ride. I hope you enjoy the pictures as much as I do!

“Makeup is not a mask that covers up your beauty; it’s a weapon that helps you express who you are from the inside.” – Michelle Phan

In Bold, Fearless Fashion, the models were in the skilled hands of the talented makeup artist Amore Monet. Amore is the consummate professional who brings a delightful energy and innovative approach to her work. Amore took the time to work with each model, to spend time with Jeanette and I as we evaluated the fashions, and curated a makeup look that suited each model perfectly. Amore understands how to use makeup to make each person’s natural beauty shine through while bringing about their best self.

Amore has over 10 years total of makeup & hair experience in bridal, production, special events, and mortuary. She decided to fulfill a dream of launching her own lip cosmetics brand. Enhancing each of the looks, Amore gave our models a chance to try out her new cosmetic lip line – Amore Monet Liquid Lipsticks. I love the beautiful range of colors that work so well with our models’ diverse skin tones and each bold fashion look. Amore Monet Liquid Lipsticks are matte, vegan, and cruelty free. You can learn more about Amore, you book her for an upcoming special event or shoot, or purchase products from her lip line in the links below.

I’m off to find my next bold adventure. Today, I’ll be turning my lens on some delicious food. I really do have the best job in the world!

I was taught to always say thanks!

I cannot produce the art I love so much without the help of some truly amazing people. Please check out our amazing team below and show them some love!

Thank you, as always, to my producer and model coach, Kari Schoeffler. For this project, she even stepped in front of the camera to model some of these amazing looks. You can see her handy work on almost all of my shoots and you can hear some of her thoughts on our blog Paraluxe. You can learn more about her on Instagram


Cosmetic Project Notes:

*The ravishing red lip color you see on models Jasmine and Kari is Amore Monet Prototype.
*The subtle coral pink you see on models Xiomara and Kari is Amore Monet Pinky Promise.
*The deep velvety black color seen on model Keonna is Amore Monet Vanta. 

For more inspiration on living boldly, here are some inspirational quotes to get you through your darkest day.


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