Portfolio Photo Shoot with Jessica Cass

Jessica Cass - Fashion Portfolio Shoot by Jeremy Pierson

Last week I had the pleasure of doing a model portfolio photo shoot with Jessica Cass. Jessica is an experienced model and a new mother and this was one of her first photo shoots since her pregnancy. This photo shoot and the series of images we created is exemplary of one of my favorite kinds of photo shoots, where we explore a range of looks across wardrobe and lighting. Even though we captured such a stunning array of images, this was a relatively short photo shoot, in and out in about three hours. Jessica arrived “camera ready” with hair and makeup provided by Almayra Ordaz.

Here’s a quick highlight video I put together, featuring a narrative by Jessica herself. Keep scrolling to see photos from the session.


I work with models and portrait subjects of all ages and there are advantages to every age group and demographic. To any beginner photographers out there, I highly recommend working with as many experienced models as you can. Great photography requires many things to all come together perfectly to create a great image, and anything you don’t have to worry about or work too hard at is a good thing. An experienced model still requires good direction, but you’ll find that they don’t require nearly as much direction as a less experienced model. There becomes a sort of short-hand communication between the photographer and subject. An experienced model knows what to do with his or her body, how to play to the camera, without having to be over-directed by the photographer. Jessica is a pro and I could’ve spent another ten hours shooting with her and we never would’ve run out of ideas or interesting new looks.

And as is the case with the majority of my photo shoots, I also had Kari Schoeffler on hand as stylist and coordinator, as well as model coach. Even though I’m an experienced photographer and Jessica is an experienced model, having Kari on-hand to help translate my ideas, and also to offer ideas of her own, is an invaluable addition to any photo shoot, and her input was greatly appreciated by model and photographer alike.

And now, without further ado, here are the mesmerizing images we created!

Jessica Cass - Fashion Portfolio Shoot by Jeremy Pierson
Jessica Cass – Fashion Portfolio Shoot by Jeremy Pierson


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