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I am so proud to have a guest writer for this blog - Artist, Performer and Fashion Model Sivene Delynn. Sivene and I have worked together on several creative projects, as well as promotional shoots. I thought it would be great to hear from Sivene on how she uses the images to promote her personal brand and why it’s so important to have quality photography. Thanks Sivene for sharing your time and your thoughts!

As a performer, you put so much of yourself onto your craft. I have dedicated most of my life to developing my strengths and my skills as a dancer and a stage performer. I had to have steadfast discipline and dedication. I invested countless hours. It is not an exaggeration to say I shed blood, sweat, and tears in the process. Those who know me best know that I don’t do anything half way!

One of the major responsibilities of a performing artist is to both create and maintain vivid, relatable characters with depth. By combining all my years of skill building with my passion for acting and performing, I created a multitude of characters in the Sivene DeLynn arsenal. As a performer, you want to give your audience something interesting to follow. You want to create characters they can relate to or they can aspire to be. You have to keep it fresh and you have to keep giving them something compelling and new. That’s what building an audience is all about.

It is the consistent ability to connect, coupled with the complexity of my characters, that develops a long-standing relationship and loyalty from an audience and fan base. My ability to accurately portray these characters supports my continued and future bookings. This is why it essential to have quality imagery in my performance portfolio. The quality of imagery a performer puts forth as their promotional material can literally make or break their chances of being booked, or gaining new followers. I won’t rely on snap judgments based on quick snapshots of myself in costume. I use great promotional images that not only show off my costume and my look, they showcase the personality and performance of my characters. You want images that highlight your skill and your commitment, and bring your characters to life. This is why I trust Jeremy Pierson with my portfolio. Each session elicits promotional photography that is both consistent in technique and quality, and gives me great range of moods and personalities to suit each characters and each performance.

I spent years honing my craft, and still practice and train everyday to bring nothing but the best of myself to the stage and to my audience. I don’t do anything half way. That’s why I love working with Jeremy. He and I have that in common – he doesn’t do anything halfway either!

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