Advertising & Editorial Photographer

Advertising and Editorial Image for Fitness and Athletics - Women's Basketball

When it comes to great advertising photography, it all comes down to telling a great story through images. I consider Editorial Photography as a type of Advertising Photography because it serves the same purpose – promoting a person, product, or service. The distinction is that Editorial photography strives to have more of a story element. Straight advertising photography typically strives simply to showcase the person, product, or service in a manner that the intended audience will find it most appealing.

When I work with a client, I spend time learning about the story they want to tell, I ask about their intended audience, and we collaborate to create something truly unique. It is amazing what you can create when you take the time to really listen to your clients. Inspiration comes from paying attention and focusing that attention into every image I shoot on every project. I’m interested in photographing just about anything and everything and love the challenge of taking something simple and making it look dynamic. The majority of my advertising and editorial work has been focused in fashion, food and beverage, technology, with some of my recent projects bringing me into the worlds of beauty, sports, athletics and fitness. My approach is the same no matter the industry. How do I photograph this person, place or thing and tell his, her or its story in just a glance?

You can find several sample images provided below. If you are interested in a deeper dive into my work, you can see more over in my editorial photography portfolio.

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