Houston Fashion Photographer

Fashion Photography by Jeremy Pierson

Fashion photography – catalog, editorial, advertising, or runway – is one of my greatest passions in photography. Shooting fashion photography affords me some of the greatest creativity and innovative thinking on any of my projects. I get to work with immensely talented and creative designers and art directors, and also charismatic models, makeup artists, hair stylists, clothing stylists, set designers, and all kinds of other talented people. Being around all that talent fuels my art and inspires me to push the boundaries of what is possible. At the heart of all fashion photography are the garments. Whether its a women’s or men’s fashion collection, a new shoe designer collection, or an accessory array, the creativity behind the pieces inspire a look and a distinct lifestyle. I love bridging the gap between the aesthetic beauty of a piece and the functionality of the garment. Fashion truly is a perfect blend of art and function.

People rely on photography when they are looking for new inspiration and when they are looking for new businesses to patron. Fashion photography often includes both editorial and advertising work, as well as catalogue photography. The advertising helps to showcase your garments, to sell your brand, and to share your story and vision with potential and active buyers. Catalogue photography helps that audience of buyers to view your pieces and confidently make their purchases. Both advertising and catalogue photography are essential for fashion brands and designers. The investment in great photography truly yields a solid return. Great images keep your audience coming back for more.

I’ve provided a few sample images below, but please feel free to browse my more extensive collection of images in my fashion photography portfolio.

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These are editorial and advertising samples. Below this group of images are samples of catalogue type photography for fashion.

Catalog photography for fashion. More samples can be seen in my fashion photography portfolio.