I am a commercial and portrait photographer based in Houston, Texas, but I travel and book worldwide. I am passionate about photography, about creating captivating images, and about creating images that convey emotion and tell a story. You will find below the main focuses of my photography, namely in portraits, products, fashion, advertising, and entertainer promotional images. My rates vary depending on the type of photography, so please use my Rates Request page so I can send you my latest relevant rate book for the photography services you require. Or please contact me directly if you have any questions. I'd love to be your photographer. Thank you for having a look!

Fashion Photography

Advertising, editorial, catalog, lookbooks, runway, and events. Clothing, bags, accessories and more. I have a passion for fashion! Click here to see more.

Advertising & Editorial

These image are about showcasing a person, product or service, but they can also be about telling a story. In either case, they're definitely more than jus pretty pictures.

Contemporary Portraits

Family, teen, couples, engagement, anniversary... Capture yourself or the ones you love at this special time in your life.

Travel & Destination Photography

I love to travel, to expose myself to cultures, art, and beautiful sights around the globe, and I love creating images that inspire others to do the same. If you are a hotel, resort, or other destination I would love to create images that inspire people from around the world to want to stay with you.

Product Photography

You have a product you need to sell. The better that product looks, the more people are going to want it. Whether that product is clothing, jewelry, food and beverages, or natural gas compressor parts, I will showcase them in all their glory. Did I just call natural gas compressor parts glorious? Yes. Yes I did.

Food & Beverage

I love food and beverage photography. It's the one subject that literally everyone can relate to. We all have to eat and drink. Let me create images that tempts and tantalizes your customers' eyes, and increases your sales.

Model Portfolios

Jump start you modeling career, fill out your portfolio, or update your portfolio with a new look. We'll create strong images that showcase not just your beauty but also your personality, your style, and your ability to express yourself and connect with an audience.


Musicians, dancers, juggles, clowns, sideshow performers, burlesque performers, sword swallowers, fire breathes, aerialists and many others have trusted me to work with them to create captivating and compelling images.

Connect with me today!

I keep myself very busy working with wonderful clients and amazing artists, but I'm always looking for something special and new. Contact me today so we can start planning!