We have a variety of studios available – each for different needs.

Studio A

This is our primary studio on our own property. It is a smaller portrait studio, with a variety of light sources. This studio is suitable for photographing products, individuals or groups of up to four or five.

Studio B

This is a gorgeous converted warehouse space near downtown Houston. With exposed brick and stucco walls and beautiful natural light, this space can accommodate individuals or groups of twenty or more who are looking for something with either a contemporary or a classic portrait look.

Studio C

This is a very large space in the Heights neighborhood of Houston. The primary attraction of this space is the massive space, accessibility, and the giant cyclotron (“infinity wall”). This space could accommodate a group of fifty or possibly even more. Or it could accommodate sessions that feature vehicles as large as a tour bus!

Other Available Locations

There are many rental studios available in and around Houston and we are more than happy to work with other locations that might be nearer to you, or that have features and amenities that you prefer.