Testimonials – Clients & Industry Peers

I am so fortunate to have worked with some amazing people throughout my career and to have created some incredible images with their support. I am even luckier to have received such positive feedback and testimonials from both clients and my peers in the industry. As a photographer, knowing that my clients are happy and that I made them feel comfortable and confident is the best feeling in the world! I would like to share a few of the testimonials here so future clients can hear what it’s like to work with me and my team. Every image I take has a story behind it and I am so lucky that my clients have allowed me a chance to capture their stories. Here are some very kind words from some truly outstanding and inspiring people! These testimonials give me such pride and let me know that my passion and my purpose are working hand in hand.

Kelly Ryan Boren – One of the best shoots I’ve ever done. Professional. Encouraging. Creative. Talented. I’m very thankful to have worked with such an amazing and kind person. I can’t wait to do it again.

Mack Dermott – Jeremy has an eye for what pops. Regardless if it’s a simple headshot or an entire scene, Pierson has the panache to make his subjects look good in any light. I highly recommend him.

Anthony Clark – To be honest I was apprehensive about letting anyone take professional photos of my Daughter Madison Clark. I have know Kari Schoeffler for a long time. So i trusted her instincts. With that said i could not have chosen a better photographer for Maddie’s shoot. Jeremy was professional, courteous, understanding to a teenagers desires. (Very difficult Lol). And genuinely a pleasure to work with. He is patient and sees past the image in front of him. Thank you sir for giving us a treasure to hold onto forever.

John Jaye – One if the Greatest eyes in the Business. He captured us (M16 & The Full Moon Wolves) at or Live Show in Houston @ Warehouse Live. Simply Amazing!

Jennifer Melancon – I loved working with Jeremy! I took boudoir photos and I still wanted to be somewhat modest, and he and his partner Kari made sure I felt comfortable the whole time. It was a very professional (and fun!) experience and I loved how my photos came out. 10/10 would definitely work with him again!

Holly Williams Waterhouse – Jeremy is an incredibly talented photographer with a gift at really capturing the person and moment. He’s finished product is breathtaking.

Rosemary Yeager – I have had a few shoots with Jeremy and I have loved every one. They are always a fun experience filled with comfort and laughter, which help to create beautiful photos. You can’t take great pictures if you aren’t at ease and comfortable with your experience. I have told everyone who will listen how much I have enjoyed working with Jeremy, and I’ve lost count of how many friends have signed up for photo shoots. Ever professional and friendly, Jeremy is a great artist and a joy to work with.

Nicole Pope – Amazing photographer. Super professional and gives great directions to help get the best shots. 10/10 favorite photographer to work with.

Summer Serenity – Jeremy is one of the best photographers around. He is incredibly professional and very kind. 10/10 will always recommend! His work speaks for itself.

Paul R Cuevas – I really enjoy Jeremy’s work, very creative captivating images. He is friendly, professional, and great to work with, I would highly recommend them to anyone.

Sazhrah Gutierrez – Jeremy is an incredibly skilled and professional photographer. I have looked up to him since I started my own photographic journey. I can’t recommend him enough to anyone who is looking for unique imagery and total professionalism.

Harmony Hudgens – This is what great photography should look like!! Professional or fun, Jeremy is your guy!

Mars Capone – I have gotten to shoot with Jeremy on occasion, and oh gosh, let me tell you – his work is PHENOMENAL!! Wonderful photographer, so easy to work with, and incredibly polite! The photos he’s taken have all come out breathtaking!! I highly recommend getting to work with him if you get the chance!

Trude Schoeffler – Outstanding talented photographer! I recommend him and his accomplished stylist to anyone needing all aspects of photography. They are the best in the business and my photographer for life!

Elizabeth Schoeffler – Jeremy Pierson is one of the most diversely talented and malleable photographers I have ever worked with, as a client and/or professional makeup artist. There is no subject he cannot capture. There is no vision he cannot bring to life. Throughout his flexibility, he manages to create an image that is unique to each individual and scenario, and honors the essence of whatever is on the other end of his lens. Passion and dedication to realizing work that is earnest are some of the many characteristics that distinguishes an ARTIST from those simply executing something well. Jeremy is an artist, and those lucky enough to work with him will undoubtedly be happy.

Christine Ramirez – I’ve had the privilege to work on multiple shoot with Jeremy and Kari and it’s always a sweet treat. When you work with people who obviously love what they’re doing, you can’t help but feel comfortable and happy to be there, too. The creativity and passion that radiates from these two cool cats is intoxicating. I can talk all day about how great they are but the work speaks louder than my words ever could. Look around, the variety and creativity spectrum is wide and lovely.

Blake Ralston – One of the most brilliant photographers within the area. I’ve been following Jeremy’s work for a few years now and his extremely diverse range of talent is absolutely mind boggling. If you are are on the market for family shots, weddings, senior portraits, corporate, product, fashion, events or even concert photography, you are in great hands. Not only does his talent speak for itself visually, but I’ve personally seen his ethics in action as a fellow photographer. On a professional scale, he is extremely courteous to patrons, his appearance is neat and he is extremely polite and attentive to the needs of his client. If you are looking for first-rate quality and professionalism, contact Jeremy Pierson today.

Chris Amerson – Jeremy is an awesome photographer who is very laid back and easy to work with.

John Palmer – A photographer that has left me inspired, intrigued, and better equipped for my own photography endeavors. He has a wonderful style and a mastery for lighting that leaves one wondering just how many magicians he has working for him.

Julie Zarate – I’ve known Jeremy Pierson both personally and professionally and am proud of the work that he does. His range is phenomenal and shows the level of his professionalism and attention to detail in every one of his shots. I would most definitely recommend him for personal photos, wedding photos, family photos, boudoir photos, and events. He is one of Houston’s finest photographers.

Shelby Schwem – Jeremy is one of the top photographers I’ve ever had the pleasure of working with. He’s a pro and makes anyone he works with feel like a pro as well. Very friendly and knowledgeable who takes his craft very serious.

Levi Rosen – Jeremy Pierson is a fellow photography that I highly look up to and rack my brain figuring out how he makes every image, even just a simple headshot magical, rich and vibrant! Lets just say another professional photographer recommends and likes his work enough to say “Hey look at the competition, he’s great!”

Aoife Haney – As a photographer myself I really love his work. The detail and love he puts into it is breathtaking!

Billie Willis-Carr – I have known Jeremy for over 20 years and his creativity and talents have always amazed me. Jeremy finds beauty in anyone, anything and everything he shoots. No matter the genre, no matter the subject he will bring his professional talents to the table and make everyone feel important, valued and most importantly he will capture what he sees in you – not just what you see in yourself.

Chanel St Sin – Before I had my shoot I was so nervous. Jeremy was so awesome and professional, he took my nerves and turned them into smiles. I had so much fun and he made me look like I knew what I was doing! I rarely like photos of myself and I couldn’t pick a favorite from what he took. I highly recommend him!